Two history preservation prizes

Attend the May 19-21 Gold Coast, Foot Steps In Time History Conference & Fair and join other History Researchers working towards winning these valuable Genealogical Research Prizes. Members of organisations, who have enthusiastically entered and sometimes won the Finders Cafe prize draws at previous events, include:- Central Coast Family History… read more

JC Newman Collection – c.1907

This month Finders Cafe features a charming photograph from the Captain JC Newman collection of Paddle Steamers by member Barb2e. The photograph spectacles John Cement Newman aboard the ‘Enterprise’ paddle steamer of which he was Captain at Wentworth, NSW in 1907. Also aboard are three of his nine children; second… read more

The McGinn Family

This month, Finders Cafe features a McGinn Family Photograph of James McGinn and Minnie Keylar on their wedding day, 1st May 1901, at Grovely Lodge in Brisbane. The couple went on to have 11 children between 1903 and 1924, further extending the already enormous McGinn Family. Today’s feature article will… read more

Ohio Wesleyan University, Sanborn Hall, Women Students c.1940

This month’s Finders Cafe feature image captures 41 female university students standing on the steps of century old Sanborn Hall, home to the School of Music at Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio, Delaware. Each of the young women’s names are jotted on the back of the photograph in rows, and what… read more

WWI Royal Medical Corps, c.1917

There is an undeniable mystique about an old tattered photograph found glued to the back of a print, inside a beautiful old timber photo frame. Contributing member MatildaD found such an image hidden in the back of an old photo frame passed down by her Grandmother. Under what circumstances did… read more

WWII RAAF Training, Hastings Point, New South Wales c.1940

Finders Cafe features a c.1940 image of a World War II, Royal Australian Air Force Squadron, taken at Hastings Point in NSW. This image presents 12 men in training uniform, with a first initial and last name in order along the bottom of the photograph. On the back, nine of… read more

William Roy Millar

This photograph forms part of a greater collection of images taken by William Roy Millar, which spans at least four decades and includes images of daily life in Victoria, Tasmania, and Western Australia. Millar is best known for his photographs of the gold rush and town life in Coolgardie and… read more

Meet the Social History Protectors on YouTube.

Join the history protectors, simply upload an image, add your fragments of unrecorded social history through the validation methodology VALe-date+ and you have protected your history. There is now a place where everyone can upload an image and link it with family relationships to connect people around the world, to… read more

History of the HMS Royal Arthur Shore establishment

It is likely that this photograph was taken sometime during the late 1940s, as the majority of class photographs from the earlier part of the decade numbered in the 200s or below. There are photographs of HMS Royal Arthur cadets dating from c. 1948 that feature recruit classes numbering from… read more

Enoggera Creek, Brisbane, Recreational Boating and Fishing c.1900

Further research using contemporary news articles, recollections, and contour maps have supported the suggestion that this image was taken just above the Newmarket Weir, Brisbane. Argument for location near Bancroft Park Proposed location: Newmarket weir at Bancroft Park. The topography supported by sun angles, just above the present day Newmarket weir… read more